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Hella Hemp - Pre Roll Fruity Pebbles 1g
Hella Hemp - Pre Roll Fruity Pebbles 1g

Hella Hemp - Pre Roll Fruity Pebbles 1g


Hi ya Pal, I’m Fruity Pebbles, but some of the boys on the job call me F-P-O-G. It’s like I have my own cheer squad. F-P-O-G, F-P-O-G! You get the idea. What’s there to cheer about? Well how about this - if you smoke me, I am known to provide relaxation and euphoria. I go down easy, like a hard earned beverage at the end of a long day’s work. That’s right, I’m full of tropical berry fruit flavor goodness. But if any of the boys call me sweet, they are gonna get a knuckle sandwich. So give me your best shot. Spark me up and get a taste of flavor everybody on this side of the rock is talking about. Hella Flavor! I’m a mix bag of strains from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien. I offer a tropical, berry flavor just like something you might eat for breakfast. Like I said, I help ease your stress. Have a toke and I will rock you like a baby’s lullaby. That’s right, I can help with that too, it’s lights out. Like a good friend, I help you to feel happy and put you at ease. So what more is there to say, pick up yours today.

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