Uproar Wellness was founded by Vikram Nath in 2019, just after the passing of the Farm Bill. It is a company born out of passion and deep industry knowledge in both the smoke shop and distribution space.

The founding team is composed of members that have over a 100 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, service and biological industries. Each member brings an array of expertise and knowledge to make the Uproar Wellness family extremely successful and well-rounded.

Uproar's business approach is two pronged. We take pride in the fact that we are smoke shop distributors out of Texas.

We are also manufacturers. Our flagship product is our sublingual D8 Strip that we are extremely excited about. The core of our business and who we are will always be our customers. Our strategies are focused around being solution providers to our end users, national companies, and other distributors.

Vikram Nath CEO
Sreemayee Chand Chief of People & Strategy
Cliff Beck Director of Sales
Raul Sanchez Director of Operations
Shari Augustine Head of Data & Communications
Susan Weiser Administration and Procurement Manager
Joshua Laday Sales Executive