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These natural brown 1¼"" cones are 83mm and come with a built-in 26mm tip. Each 1¼"" cone fits up to ½ gram of ground material.It doesn't matter whether you are a...

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These natural brown 1¼"" cones are 83mm and come with a built-in 26mm tip. Each 1¼"" cone fits up to ½ gram of ground material.

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner today or were a beginner decades ago; everyone who has ever rolled a cigarette knows just how tricky it can be. This is why pre-rolled cones delight smokers of all types. It's a great way to have a hand-rolled cigarette without having to hand-roll anything!

They come with lots of benefits, too, such as:
Time-saving. Add tobacco, twist the end, light it up, and go!
Consistency. You will always be smoking the same amount each and every time.
Easy to use. Even those who have never rolled before find pre-rolled cones exceptionally easy to use.
High-quality RAW cones. All natural, unrefined fibers are made through an eco-friendly process.
Even burns. Uneven burns are common when rolling papers, leading to a potent taste. With pre-rolled cones, you always get even burns.

Hold up to .75 gram
83mm (3.27in) long with a 26mm (1in) tip
RAWthentic: All natural, unrefined fibers
100% GMO & Gluten Free
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Thin pre-rolled cones with a smooth, clean taste
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